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Car Repair

Our Work

Please take a look at some of the work we have carried out recently.


Ford Transit 

Engine replacement.

We carried out this engine replacement and injector replacement on this ford transit.

KIA Picanto.

Clutch replacement.

we carried out this same day clutch replacement on this KIA Picanto.

kia picanto.jpg

Porsche 911

Broken manifold bolts.

We removed this engine and gearbox from a Porsche 911 due to broken exhaust manifold bolts, we used specialist jigs to drill and tap out, we then fitted new stainless manifolds.


Non start issue.

This fiat was recovered to us from another garage due to a non start fault, it turned out to be an ecu that had been spiked by the abs unit however on inspection the timing belt was well over due so we replaced that whilst we was there to save the customer from an unexpected bill in the future.

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